Viviana Chavez Garcia

In the heart of our school district, where diversity and inclusivity are vital to the success of our students, District Multilingual (ML)/English Language (EL) Coordinator Viviana Chavez Garcia stands out as a leader who provides incredible day-to-day support for students, families and staff. Viviana's role as the ML/EL coordinator is multifaceted, directly impacting our community in diverse ways.

A big part of Viviana’s responsibility is the screening of primary and secondary students who speak a language other than English at home. This crucial step ensures that students who may benefit from EL or ML services are identified and supported. Viviana's efforts to streamline this process are instrumental in providing timely and effective assistance to students, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder their education. 

February and March mark a busy period for Viviana, with the administration of the ACCESS test, a standardized EL assessment that evaluates students' proficiency in English. This testing is vital for understanding the specific needs of our ML students and tailoring support to help them thrive academically.

Beyond testing, Viviana's supports professional development for EL teachers. Through workshops focused on scaffolding and support strategies, she equips educators with the tools to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment. These initiatives not only benefit ML students but also enrich the teaching practices of our educators.

A lesser-known part of Viviana's role is her use of Spanish to communicate directly with students and families, bridging the gap between home and school. While she's not a licensed interpreter, her efforts to use her language skills show her dedication to inclusivity.

Viviana's journey is one of constant learning and adaptation. Her goal of defining and enhancing EL/ML services is an ongoing process, driven by her commitment to meet the evolving needs of our district. She cherishes the diversity of her daily tasks and the opportunity to support ML students and families, drawing from her personal experience as a multilingual individual.

Her work is pivotal in offloading administrative tasks from educators, allowing them to focus on teaching and support. Viviana's vision for the future includes fostering closer connections with ML families through events and focus groups, celebrating the achievements of our ML students, and building a more inclusive community.

Viviana Chavez Garcia embodies the spirit of our district's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her tireless efforts and innovative approaches to supporting our ML community have made an impact on students, families, and staff alike, making her an invaluable asset to our St. Anthony - New Brighton School community.

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