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Middle school curriculum offers a variety of courses and electives to provide for the needs and interests of students. Students are required to take courses in the following areas:  English, Reading, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, the Arts, Physical Education, Technology and Spanish.

Additional academic programs:  

For students who need additional academic assistance or challenge, the middle school curriculum includes various enrichment opportunities as well as remedial options. 

Students may also qualify for special education services for Learning Disabilities (LD), Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (E/BD), Adaptive Physical Education, Other Health Impaired (OHI), Occupational Therapy (OT), Developmentally Cognitively Delayed (DCD), and/or Speech/Language Development. 


Middle school provides opportunities for students in band, choir, media arts and visual arts during the school day. Sixth grade band and choir meet every other day during the year.  Seventh and eighth grade band and choir meet daily. Members of the choir and band will participate in holiday, mid-year, and spring performances.  Sixth and seventh graders have one (1) semester of art. 

Self-Concept Development:

Student support groups, health awareness groups, and various counseling services are available to meet the social/emotional needs of students. 

Supplemental and enrichment program offerings: