Proficiency Scales by Course

Important notes before you dive into proficiency scales

Teachers are working hard on developing proficiency scales for all their essential standards, and will continue to add proficiency scales as new curriculum related to essential standards is introduced during the school year. Please be patient and understanding as we continue to improve our communication and provide clarity around proficiency-based grading.

Most documents are now available to view, however some are not. This work is complex and important while also being new for our teachers and students. 

Proficiency scales are written for the semester. This means, that teachers are expecting students to be able to show proficiency on the standards by the end of the semester. Students may appropriately start the semester at lower stages of learning and then progress and make growth throughout the class. If, at any point,  students and/or families are concerned about the progress a student is making, please contact the teacher. 

Fall of 2023