Understanding Skyward Scores

A solid understanding of how grading occurs at St. Anthony Middle School (SAMS) is essential to our work. We want parents to be able to quickly and easily discern what each mark means to their student's learning.

Provided here is a guide to understanding proficiency-based grading at SAMS. We look forward to nurturing your student's brilliance in our transformational learning environment. 

Need help accessing Skyward to view grades?

Follow the provided instructions to access Skyward:

1. Click Skyward in the upper right corner.

2. Enter user name & password. Need help? 

  • Visit the Technology page for detailed instructions.

3.  Click: Grading tile

4.  Click: Blue Arrow to view scores

First page of the PDF file: GradingatSAMSBrochure-FINAL-Fall2022



Essential Standard Scores

Each course has a set of standards that describe the big learning goals. Students receive scores on these standards through their performance on  summative assessments (i.e. end-of-unit tests, projects, presentations, essays):

Essential Standard Scores icons

Formative Practice and Work Scores

In addition to essential standard scores, students will also receive feedback on their formative and practice work during the units (i.e. homework, quizzes, practice activities):
Formative Practice and Work Scores icons

Soft Skill Scores

Teachers will update scores mid-semester and at the end of a semester on how often students demonstrate different non-academic skills (i.e. leadership, collaboration) in each class. 

Soft Skill Scores icons

Report Cards

Students receive grades for each semester. Their report cards are available for viewing on Skyward a week after the end of the semester. Students do not receive an overall course grade, but rather a mark indicating their proficiency level for each essential standard and soft skill.

Contact for questions

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